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Did you know that 75% of companies are going to disappear by the year 2030 out of which 50% of them are not born yet? (Babson College plus other research)

The rate of change in the marketplace today is unprecedented and exponential.

The big business dilemma is how to make their companies sustainable & thrive.

Microscope & Telescope

For this to happen, boardrooms need to look into the future through a “telescope” and yet make key business decisions by looking at their organization through a “microscope".

We are entering a new industrial revolution today. 10x MOONSHOT THINKING is a unique learning experience which deals with exactly this - getting you ready for the future.

Main Challenges Businesses Face:

  1. Managing the immune system - Slow decision-making process
  2. Exponential thinking - Unable to deal with the rate of change in marketplace
  3. Purpose driven future - Not sure how to create changes
  4. Mindset shifts - Unable to change the habits within the organization
  5. Visioning the future-Too busy doing & fixing within reorganisation so not focused on the future

If this is your current situation (even 3 of them), then you may be in for a surprise in the years to come just as NOKIA, BLOCKBUSTER, SONY or KODAK went through a decade ago.


10x MOONSHOT THINKING is an exclusive keynote/learning experience designed to empower businesses with the right knowledge and strategies to keep up with the exponential growth in technology and trends.

  1. We will help you focus on the things that will help unlock your business potential
  2. We’ll help facilitate and train your executive teams become more valuable in the system by bringing out imagination, creativity & innovation within the company.
  3. We’ll show you how to tap into parts of the brain which computers cannot do, through tools like mind mapping, radiant thinking, and creativity catalysts.
  4. Actionable game plan and specific takeaways

Action Plans & Deliverables

  1. We’ll help you with a gameplan to thrive in the new world.
  2. We’ll guide all “future” board members to become digital leaders and provide tools to enable you to ride the waves of rapid technological change.
  3. We’ll help you plant some seeds now so that your business thrives in the future.

Program Details:

1. PUBLIC KEYNOTE:3hr Session

  • 90-minute session on where things are heading in the future, and latest trends.
  • 90-minute workshop, Q&A consultation focusing on specific challenge areas.

2. IN-HOUSE WORKSHOP:For 10X thinking in Executive Teams & Boardrooms

  • 1 Workshop Per Quarter
  • Full Day/Half Day Sessions
  • Bespoke Engagement & Activation
  • Access To Masterclass Sessions
  • Access To Blogs & Video Resources


  1. Gain access to TariQ’s very strong networks and resources such as HBS, MADTALKS, Xponential, Media Professionals & the corporate and the Startup World.
  2. TariQ will be your expert external resource that keeps your organization focused on the future trends and practices.
  3. You can focus on your core business while TariQ keeps you updated on the latest information.
  4. TariQ is a real business person who's both practical and relatable to any audience and has this unique skill to entertain and energize groups at a human level.


Why TariQ?

TariQ is a Harvard alumni who started his career back in 1987 as a lowly customer support executive. He grew through the ranks and worked his way up and built an an illustrious background working with top organizations in senior leadership roles like Dow Jones Markets, The Times & Sunday Times and Bloomberg Media. Now he heads his own company, Xponential, which is helping to define the future. He has helped organizations go from half a million a year to $100 million a year and lead organizations with revenues of greater than $350 million, working across global markets. He’s a focused business leader, transformation expert, a disruptive thinker and has this unique ability to create breakthroughs in organizations. Some of his achievements are:

  • Regional Director for a $350/year business with 1000+ employees for Dow Jones Markets. Worked across Europe, Middle East, Africa, with strong links with US.
  • Brought The Times & Sunday Times into the Middle East in 2007, as Publisher and launch CEO & against all odds got the business to break –even within 24 months. Had to disrupt the traditional business model to achieve this.
  • He leads the content curation and events mandate at Harvard Business Schools Club in GCC for many years.
  • Is a regular speaker, over 400 keynotes and 200+ summits/conferences globally with leading public and private organisations as an acknowledged “Future expert".
  • Has worked with top brands both regionally and globally. Across industry sectors and with the government.