TariQ is the CEO and founder of Xponential & MAD Group . Xponential is a future foresight, readiness and transformation platform. Mad is a digital content and storytelling platform that brings together some of the best minds of the region and globally. This website also contains some of his collection (over 1000) of conversations with the wonderful minds that are shaping the world of today and tomorrow on their stories of success, failure and what drives them to make a difference.

Joy Ajlouny, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Fetchr

Joy Ajlouny is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Fetchr, a delivery app that has become one of Dubai’s most successful start-ups.

She speaks to Tariq about how she set up Fetchr, how laughter plays an essential role in her day-to-day business, how her and Fetchr´s future will look like and how she wants to give back to society.

Rapelang Rabana – Founder of Rekindle Learning

Rekindle Learning is an education technology company founded on the belief that every person should be able to develop their knowledge and learn. Computer and mobile internet devices are transformative in their capacity to overcome inefficiencies, socio-economic barriers and weak infrastructure. Now these benefits can be translated to education, training and development with Rekindle Learning. At the 18

Now these benefits can be translated to education, training and development with Rekindle Learning. At the 18th Women in Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum, held in Dubai and organised by Naseba, Tariq Qureishy speaks to Rapelang Rabana, the CEO of Rekindle Learning how she in fact rekindles learning.

Mona Ataya – Founder & CEO Of Mumzworld

In a region where being an entrepreneur has become the new cool thing and everyone thinks they can do it, Mona Ataya, the Founder and CEO of Mumzworld is the voice of caution.

Creating your own business is a 24-hour job, 365 days a year, with high pressure and even higher expectations, she warns.

Mona succeeded in setting up Mumzworld, making it a thriving business, because she was driven by a vision and a commitment to doing something impactful and important, she tells Tariq Qureishy.

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