TariQ always achieves his best results when challenging the status quo. By being creatively disruptive and predicting the future by creating it.

For the last 25+ years, he has launched products and concepts by constantly innovating, exploring new markets and ideas well before they were considered mainstream or even possible. This brings in genuine innovation.

This is where he produced hundreds of millions of dollars for the various companies he worked for.

TariQ believes we are at that inflection point with the exponential speed of digital transformation and its impact on every aspect of life, our society and our humanity. Now we must take charge of our lives and environment, work through the lens of trust, empathy and ethics to have a good future.

TariQ brings in proven methodologies, new business models, emerging technologies. This together with a deep understanding on on creating and implementing an innovation and transformation engine for your organization to help you prepare for and thrive in the future.


Joy Ajlouny is a serial entrepreneur from Sillicon Valley. She currently lives in Dubai where she co-founded Fetchr, a delivery app that has disrupted the Middle Eastern Market. Joy Ajlouny tells Tariq Qureishy about her mission in life is to develop the MENA start-up ecosystem and to make a difference in the Arab World, particularly for refugees.

Nilesh Ved is the Chairman of the Apparel Group, a retail company that started from humble beginnings to grow into to a group with 150 stores featuring 75 international brands. Nilesh grew up in Dubai, but moved to the U.S. to achieve his bachelor’s degree at Boston University.

The highly influential and impactful Harvard Business School Alumni Club gathers for the Global PLD Summit 2017 to address the critical issues of increased technological advancement that the world is not prepared for. Tariq Qureishy emphasises the importance of finding your own ‘Tesla Moment’ and not losing heart or emotion.

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