TariQ's experience & passion for embracing the future gives him the unique ability to inspire and guide organizations and individuals, ensuring that they thrive in the future.

While technology grows exponentially, human progress is linear.

Therefore to achieve transformational change, we need “change the way we think about change

As a ‘Futurist’ he connects the dots between the present and the future.

He uses practical, on the ground experience with knowledge and research from global masters, in business and academia to spark the mind to think exponentially.


“Data is the new oil, the brain and thinking the new petrol to drive the engine, however, “Trust” and “Humanity” is the main future currency”.

Space it sounds so serious doesn’t it! Let’s spice it up a bit with this MAD chat between TariQ and Natalia Wiechowski.

European Economic Congress is the largest business event in Central Europe. The Congress is attended by the most prominent figures of politics, science, economy and business as well as chairmen of the largest corporations and investors. At this acclaimed event, TariQ explains how humanity and ethics need to be included in defining our future in terms of all new technology.

Is your company future proofed and embracing the changes the digital age brings. TariQ talks about the future and how to be ready for it.

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