TariQ is the CEO and founder of Xponential & MAD Group . Xponential is a future foresight, readiness and transformation platform. Mad is a digital content and storytelling platform that brings together some of the best minds of the region and globally. This website also contains some of his collection (over 1000) of conversations with the wonderful minds that are shaping the world of today and tomorrow on their stories of success, failure and what drives them to make a difference.

New Age Banking Summit 2019 – Banking on the future!

  “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten”.- Bill Gates 
This thought as famously quoted by Bill Gates righly applies to the banking and financial industry. Tariq Qureishy speaks about banking in 2030 at New Age Banking Summit 2019.

He concludes that banking 4.0 will be based on the foundational principles of banking and financial services, where AI advice will be greater and better than human expertise.

To AI Or Not To AI – The World AI Show | Tariq Qureishy

Tariq Qureishy’s insights and perspectives on the future of AI with a special emphasis on the trust, ethics & humanity.

World AI show is a leadership driven and business focused, global series of events taking place in strategic locations across the world. This event is in line with UAE’s National Innovation Strategy.

Professor Randall Kroszner, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Randall S. Kroszner is Deputy Dean for Executive Programs and Norman R. Bobins Professor of Economics. He served as a Governor of the Federal Reserve System from 2006 until 2009. He chaired the committee on Supervision and Regulation of Banking Institutions and the committee on Consumer and Community Affairs.

During the interview, he speaks about the global economy, shifts from East to West, future of money, jobs & fintech, the role of ethics and learning needs of the Chicago booth students to thrive in the new world.

Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports

    Tariq Qureishy speaking to Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports at HBS Crossroads 2019. During the interview, topics discussed were omnichannel experience at the airports, integrating Oman’s past with the future, cargo component for Oman Airports and the main inspiration of the current design of Oman Airports.

Oman Airports is focused on connecting every civilian airport, creating job opportunities with social and economic value, and adding significant value to the aviation sector by excellently managing and further developing our airport infrastructure.

Yonathan Parienti, CEO of Horyou

Yonathan Parienti, a former senior executive in major banking groups such as JPMorgan or Bank of China. He left his promising a career in finance to pursue his passion for social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He founded Horyou, a social network for social good, to advocate a more humanistic approach using blockchain technology.

Tariq Qureishy, CEO of MAD Talks in conversation with Yonathan Parienti, Founder & CEO of Horyou at the HBS Crossroads 2019.

Paddy Padmanathan, CEO of ACWA Power

   Paddy Padmanathan is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President of ACWA Power International in Saudi Arabia.

Tariq Qureishy speaking to Paddy Padmanathan at the HBS Crossroads 2019.  During the interview, they discuss ACWA power, the future of renewable energy, the future of renewable energy policies, and understanding demand, risks, costs of producing energy & decentralization.


Robert De Niro with Tariq Qureishy

Founder & CEO of MAD Talks gives the renowned American actor, producer and director an exceptional award for all of his work. During this interview, Robert De Niro talks about what he hopes the world is like when he is celebrating his 100th Birthday, his views on Donald Trump and the influence of his parents on him.

Fadi Al Hindi, CEO of Takaful Emarat

  Fadi Hindi is a strategic leader and international executive-level business transformative leader. He showcases over two decades of corporate experience in delivering inspiring leadership and overcoming profit and growth challenges through innovation management, strategic operations planning & execution, marketing/brand management, strategic partnerships, and insightful business analytics.

Tariq Qureishy, CEO of MAD TALKS speaking to Fadi Hindi, CEO of Emarat Takaful -Insurance at the World AI Show.


How Women Rise – Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership expert Sally Helgesen and bestselling leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith have trained thousands of high achievers–men and women–to reach even greater heights. Again and again, they see that women face specific and different roadblocks from men as they advance in the workplace. In fact, the very habits that helped women early in their careers can hinder them as they move up. Simply put, what got you here won’t get you there . . . and you might not even realize your blind spots until it’s too late.

Sally and Marshall identify the 12 habits that hold women back as they seek to advance, showing them why what worked for them in the past might actually be sabotaging their future success. Building on Marshall’s classic best seller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, their new book How Women Rise is essential reading for any woman who is ready to advance to the next level.

At an invite-only event at the W Hotel Dubai, Marshal Goldsmith explains the 12 habits women need to change to be rise and ‘Make A Difference’ in their careers.

Tariq Qureishy speaking to Marshall Goldsmith at the W Hotel.

Baghwan Ramnani, Intel & Peter Galovic, Arabco Smart Technology

   Dtec & MAD Talks launch the pilot talk show StartupX at DTEC introducing the latest channel and platform which will be the go-to place for all Startups, Entrepreneurs & Investors.

In this video, Baghwan Ramnani of Intel & Petar Galovic of Arabco Smart Technology, speaks about their respective companies and the use of AI and Technology in their fields. They also discuss about working together as a Startup and a corporate company for innovation.

Tariq Qureishy speaking to Baghwan Ramnani of Intel and Peter Galovic of Arabco Smart Technology at Dtec.

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