Meet TariQ

Innovator, Futurist & Humanitarian

TariQ is a Harvard alumni who started his career back in 1987 as a lowly customer support executive.

He grew through the ranks and worked his way up and built an an illustrious background working with top organizations like Dow Jones Markets, The Times & Sunday Times and more recently Bloomberg Media.

He has helped organizations go from half a million a year to $100 million a year and lead organisations with revenues of greater than $350 million, working across global markets.

He’s a focused business leader, a disruptive thinker, and innovator with a unique ability to create breakthroughs in organizations.

The Transformation & Mission

After achieving great success in the corporate world, TariQ went through a 'tombstone exercise', being asked to write his legacy in 1999 and again in 2012. That had a huge impact in his personal transformation & life's purpose.

He discovered his true values and his reason for being. His WHY. His core driver in life. TariQ's mission is to help transform businesses through empowerment and personal development, and also to reach a billion kids for learning and development to thrive in this exponential world.

Stories of Success

  • Regional Director for a $100 million per year business over 10 years. Started from $500k for Dow Jones Markets, built it brick by brick across the Middle East, Africa & then into Europe. Disrupted markets, pioneered new business lines & concepts.

  • Brought The Times & Sunday Times into the Middle East in 2007, as Publisher & launch CEO. Got the business to breakeven within 24 months, against all odds.

  • Expanded Bloomberg Media presence in the region. Created the very successful TV program “Faith in Finance”.

  • He leads the content curation and events mandate at Harvard Business School Club in GCC, is Media Advisor and on the board.

  • Brought is as a “Future Expert” regularly as speaker and advisor by KPMG Global, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Four Seasons, DP World and many others.

  • Worked with top global and regional brands like Petrochem, Emirates, Telenor, BAYT, HSBC, Emaar, ENBD, Etisalat, Du, Oman Oil, DIFC, ADIB and many others.

Story Of Failure

The first real failure & turning point of TariQ's life was in his early twenties. While being hard working & a good student he surprisingly failed his Chartered Accountancy examination!

He thought the world had come to an end! The first real failure in life. The expectations and social pressure had a huge impact on him. He was “broke … but not broken”! With low self-esteem he re-invented himself and re-built his life.

During this time he cleaned floors for £2.50/hour at McDonalds in London, was bartender at a night club in Regent Street, worked as a driver for an Arab princes visiting London. He did this to make ends meet and find his way back. He even had to make decisions on whether he had to eat or take the metro to college.

This experience was the best education he received. He learned about humility and empathy. He learnt about grit and determination. He converted his tenacity into a burning obsession to succeed and achieve in life. He pledged to never let failures and set-backs get in the way.

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From there he reached the top of global corporations, earned millions of dollars, went to Harvard Business School and set up a charity to give back. His failures and challenges were his best education.


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