Voices of the Future is a series conceptualized by Tariq Qureishy that features conversations with prominent future-oriented thought leaders who are involved in helping to create a more positive, just, sustainable, regenerative, and enlightened society.

My 25+ year business career has been that of a successful CEO, entrepreneur, media professional. Now I am also a futurist and a motivational speaker.

I have had the privilege of working with some of the best corporations in the world including Dow Jones Markets, The Times/Sunday Times and Bloomberg Media and have many achievements to show for it.

I studied at Harvard Business School, have a degree in Economics, lived and worked in the most exotic cities in the world, gaining unique insights and experiences on this business journey.

Today I am the CEO of Xponential, a future readiness and transformation platform and the Founder/CEO of MAD Group, a content and storytelling platform that brings together some of the best minds of the world.

However that is really not the whole story. Now I am MAD … even 100% MAD!

I am MAD about “Making A Difference” in everything I do. Work, social impact, life, everything.

I am a futurist and a disruptive thinker. I love to connect the dots between the present and future, to create breakthrough thinking for organizations so they can thrive in the future and create exponential business and social value.

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I was invited as the “VOICE OF THE FUTURE”

for the Launch of The Museum of the Future. 

The Innovator

TariQ inspires audiences and companies to think of innovation in practical yet transformative ways through his own experiences and through proven techniques that help your mind innovate better and faster. He has successfully innovated, reinvented and re-energized himself, his companies and his clients brands over the last 25+ years and counting

The Futurist

Tariq connects the dots between the present & future. He uses practical, on the ground experience, with knowledge & research from global masters, in both business & academia to help individuals and companies learn from the present and create a future that they don’t merely predict but actually create.

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